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Easter Activities 2018

Monday 2nd April   
Half Own A Pony Day   10.00 – 12.30  £32

Tuesday 3rd April  
 Full Own a Pony Day   10.00-16.00  £70
Learn To Lunge   11.00-12.30  £25

Wednesday 4th April   
Full Own a Pony Day   10.00-16.00  £70
Natural Horsemanship/Groundwork 12.00 – 13.00  £20 
Thursday 5th  April 
 Full Own a Pony Day   10.00-16.00  £70
Ride A Dressage test Intro  12.00 -13.00  £22/26
       Prelim  14.00 – 15.00  £22/26

Friday 6th April  
Tacking up for loading and practical 11.30 - 13.00  £30
Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th April – Lessons and Pony Club as normal

Monday 9th April  
Half Own A Pony Day   10.00 – 12.30  £32
Tuesday 10th April  
Full Own a Pony Day    10.00 - 16.00 £70
 Easter Games afternoon  14.00-15.00  £20
Wednesday 11th April 
Jump Lesson (course) Beginner 11.00 – 12.00  £22/£26
 Jump Lesson (course) Novice  12.00 – 13.00  £22/£26
 Jump Lesson (course) Experienced 14.00 – 15.00  £22/£26

Thursday 12th April  
Novice Woodland Hack  10.30-11.30  £22
 Quarry / Woodland Hack  11.30 – 13.00  £32
Friday 13th April    
Francisco In-Hand Work  12.00 – 13.00  £25
Francisco Ridden Work  14.00-15.00  £25
Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th April – Lessons and Pony Club as normal
For further information/booking, please call Lorna Tel. 01569 762310 Mob. 07887541298
PTO gives details of all these activities or ask for further information.


Half Own A Pony Days
These days are open to all standard of riders, and consist of one hours stable management (grooming and putting on the saddle and bridle), and one hours riding. Suitable for children from 4 years upwards.
It’s a great activity to gain a taster for your first time or to brush up on your riding skills
Remember to bring a packed lunch!!

Learn how to Lunge
This practical covers the reasons for lungeing a horse, how to prepare a horse for lungeing, demo in how to lunge a horse and a short go of lungeing . Very good exercise for working your own horse or just want to gain experience and confidence of working the horse on the ground. Excellent practical skill to have.

Francisco In-Hand Work
This is a lesson covering working the horse in hand using Francisco de Braganca (Classical Dressage Rider) techniques. This lesson is a must if you want to build a harmonious relationship with your horse.

Tacking up for loading and practical
Learn how to dress a horse for loading  (boots, tail guards, bandages ) , watch a loading demo, then have a go at loading . Practical skill worth having if you have your own horse, help friends with going to shows, or want to be able to gain practical experience of loading.

Francisco Ridden Work
This is a lesson covering working the horse under saddle using Francisco de Braganca (Classical Dressage Rider) techniques. This lesson is a must if you want to build a greater understanding of the importance of the connection between leg and hand when you are riding.

Easter Games Afternoon
Fun doing pony club games on horseback with an Easter theme!!  Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Full Own a Pony Day
Spend the whole day(s) at the stables.  Each day includes two lessons and a stable management class and of course looking after your pony for the day.  The lungeing, groundwork, dressage and games activities are included in the respective full own a pony days. Suitable for children 8 years upwards.  Remember to bring a packed lunch.

Novice Woodland Hack
A one hour hack suitable for beginner/novice children who are riding in a 1 hour class.

Quarry/Woodland Hack
A one and a half hour hack through woods, fields and tracks. A fantastic way to see the countryside.  Suitable for riders competent and independent in walk and trot.

Jump Lessons
Have fun and learn how to ride a course of jumps.  Beginner class riders will have a helper. Novice class riders should be competent in walk and trot off the lead rein.  Experienced riders should be competent walk, trot and canter.

Natural Horsemanship/Groundwork
Working your horse on the ground using Mike Barker techniques.  A great way to build a harmonious and respectful relationship with your horse.

NB.  Private lessons are available throughout the holidays if you need that extra little bit of individual tuition to help you improve your riding.
Please note if activity dates are unsuitable then it may be possible to arrange some activities out with the programme.


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