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October programme

Monday 15th   October  Half Own a Pony Day  1000-1230 £30

Tuesday 16th  October Learn how to Carriage Drive 1130-1300 £35 

Wednesday 17th   October Jump lesson Beginner   1100-1200 £22
                                           Jump lesson Novice  1200-1300 £22
                                           Jump lesson Experienced 1400-1500 £22

Thursday 18th October Learn how to Clip a Pony 1130-1300 £20     
                                            Woodland Hack  1400-1500 £22

Friday 19th  October  Quarry Hack   1130-1300 £30

Saturday and Sunday lessons to run as normal

Monday 22rd October  Half Own a Pony Day  1000-1230 £30

Tuesday 23rd October Camp (see separate sheet) 1000-1600 £60
Thursday 25th October  

Friday 26th October   Halloween Party includes
                                  Games on Horseback & Food 1400-1600 £25

For further details or booking please call Lorna 01569 762310/ 07887541298 or Fiona on 07743913713 or email




Half Own A Pony Days
These days are open to all standard of riders, and consist of one hours stable management (grooming and putting on the saddle and bridle), and one hours riding. Suitable for children from 4 years upwards.
It’s a great activity to gain a taster for your first time or to brush up on your riding skills
Remember to bring a packed lunch!!

3 Day Camp
Camp is open to any rider from age 7 upwards.
Camp is a really good way to make friends and bond with your horse or pony and learn how to care and look after him/her
The camp will consist of 3 days and staying overnight for 2 nights.  Children will be allocated a horse or pony for the camp duration, changes to horses and ponies during camp may be carried out if necessary. Camp will include flat lessons, jump lessons, hacking, stable management and how to look after a stabled horse/pony.  Children will be responsible for their own horse/pony during camp time (with help from the Halymyres staff).  There is a little competition in the afternoon of the last day of camp.
Camp will begin on Tuesday at 10am. Children must be ready at 10.00 am prompt for their induction.  Camp will finish on Thursday at 4pm

Jump lesson beginner
Start learning to jump with some pole work. Learn the jump position and how to get your pony to jump.
Suitable for younger riders on the leadrein.

Jump lesson novice
Progress jumping with polework and small jumps
Suitable for riders both adults and older children competent in walk and trot

Jump lesson experienced
Jump a course of fences.
Suitable for riders competent in walk trot and canter

Quarry Hack
A one and a half hour hack through woods, fields and past a disused quarry. A fantastic way to see the countryside.  Suitable for riders competent in walk and trot.

Woodland Hack
A one hour hack around the woods on the farm. Suitable for children 7 years upwards, either on or off the lead rein.

Learn how to Clip your Pony
Learn how to give your pony a haircut.  Suitable for children 10 years upwards.

Learn how to Carriage Drive
Learn how to tack up for driving and learn how to drive a carriage.  Suitable for parents too.

Halloween Party
Fun for children of all ages.  Dress up yourself  and come for some games on horseback.  Halloween food afterwards in bothie.

 Private lessons are available throughout the holidays.

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