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Christmas show 2018

                                                                                      The Christmas Show will take place on
                                                                             Saturday the 8th December 2018 commencing 9am

Classes include the following

Class 1  Best Turned Out under 12
Class 2  Best Turned Out under 16
Class 3  Best Turned Out 16 and over

Class 4  Fancy Dress under 12
Class 5  Fancy Dress under 16
Class 6  Fancy Dress 16 and over

Class 7  Pony with Cheekiest Face
Class 8  Pony with Best Mane and Tail
Class 9  Pony the Judge would most like to take home

Class 10 Equitation Leadrein
Class 11 Equitation under 12
Class 12 Equitation under 16
Class 13 Equitation 16 and over

Class 14 Leadrein Mini Minimus
Class15 Minimus 15cm
Class 16 Minimus 30cm
Class 17 Novice 45cm
Class 18 Novice 60cm
Class 19 Intermediate 75cm
Class 20 Intermediate 90cm 




Best Turned Out Classes will require you to bring your grooming and plaiting kit.  Both yourself and your horse will be judged.  Special rosettes for best turned out and runner up in classes 1,2 and 3.

Fancy Dress Classes will be judged on both yourself and your horse

Equitation Classes will require a short show in walk and trot, and showing canter if you are able too but this is not compulsory.

Jumping classes will be outside weather permitting.  With the exception of the leadrein class, riders are advised to do 2 classes.  Entries for additional classes will be taken on the day.


• You may arrive at the yard from 8am onwards, but please allow yourself plenty of time to get both yourself and horse ready.
• Horses and ponies are available for hire. A horse/ pony may enter a class more than once provided it is ridden by another competitor.
• Entry Fees £10/day for horse hire plus £7/class.
• All competitors jumping are highly recommended to wear a back protector especially when off the leadrein and doing the higher classes.
• Rosettes will be awarded from 1st – 6th place in each class.  Special rosettes will be awarded as deemed appropriate.
• Special rosettes will be awarded to both the winner and runner up in the Best Turned Out classes
• Points will be awarded for placings 1st to 6th in each class.
• Trophies will be awarded to the competitors with the most points in the Junior under 12, Junior under 16 and Senior 16 and over.
• Winners of the trophies and runners up will receive special rosettes.
• Refreshments available – homemade soup, sandwiches and home baking.
• Bothie fire on to warm both competitors and spectators!!
• Dress warm!!
• The judge’s decision is final.
• Horses/ponies will be allocated according to riding ability and consideration will be given to the order in which forms are received.

Please fill out the entry form and return it A.S.A.P.  Entries close on Monday 1st  December 2018.


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